Condensation & Moisture Control

Introducing the 360 'Tunnel Series' Wall Exhaust and Intake Vents!

Thorough ventilation without power is now possible with our easy Wall Mount design and port baffles that repel rain and snow. A high volume exhaust driver powered by wind with no moving parts!

  • An industry leading low pressure design which produces a powerful and consistent draw.
  • A design that makes high pressure blow back impossible. 
  • A Non-mechanical and durable product that can be relied upon without failing.
  • A unique unidirectional wall mounted design that draws regardless of wind direction, speed and turbulence.
  • Has the potential to set a new safety standard in management of hazardous vapours in contained environments.
  • Built-in bug screen.
  • Numerous Uses, Including Crawl Spaces and Chemical Storage Enclosures.

Other mechanical designs on the market are limited in applications due to mounting restriction and dependability.When power is not an option, the "360 Wall Vent" is the only dependable alternative if there are sufficient on-site winds.

The 360 Products Tunnel Series Vents offer the basis for endless industrial and private applications.

Yes Sir!  The (Container Storage) Vents are just what the Dr. ordered!

I installed everything last Saturday. I took my first reading yesterday early evening. The outside temperature was 100 and RH was 67. Inside the container the temperature was 108 and the RH was 37. This morning the outside temperature is 74 and the RH is 97. Inside the container the temperature is 77 and the RH is 54.

Thank you!

John M, Texas

Note from 360 Products: On a 40' container, John used a wall exhaust vent on each of the 2 entry doors and a single back wall intake vent to achieve these results.

U.S. Navy

"I have no problem with you sharing our feedback, especially to fellow Naval personnel. [Y]ou'll be pleased to hear that my supervisor had a chance to see the finished product after the install I did, and he is very pleased that not only the obvious functionality of the vent (feeling the breeze, he said), but also the aesthetic look the[y] add. We are definitely satisfied with your product and would recommend it to anyone in need of such a thing."

~V. Moreno, U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy - 6 Week Follow-Up!

"The vents are doing a fantastic job and seems to be mitigating any form of moisture intrusion inside the Conex. All in all you have much to be proud about with this outstanding product and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone."

~V. Moreno, U.S. Navy

The most important component in reducing moisture from the inside of a storage container is thorough ventilation. In addition to proper ventilation, we have identified 8 steps to maximize your results.

  1. Review Eight Steps to Keep Your Shipping Container Dry- Without Power

  2. Determine vent location and quantity depending on the following tables and drawings.

  3. Review the 360 Wall Exhaust Vent Manual if you want more information.

  4. Order the vents as per your particular needs.  If you need more assistance, please contact 360 Products between 8am and 9pm, Mon-Fri.


  • The adapter plates are ONLY Required if mounting EXHAUST VENTS on a Back or Side Wall.
  • No plate is required to mount Exhaust vents on the smooth surface of front doors.
  • The Back Wall and Side Wall adapter plates are different. Be certain you are ordering the correct plate.
  • INTAKE VENTS require NO Additional Adapter Plate of any kind and are designed for a snug fit.

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A large steel box is a perfect environment for condensation.  Heat and humidity are big factors but in most cases can be controlled without power, The more contributing factors found in the "8 steps to a dry container" text above that can be addressed, the better your results will be.

There are many variables and every geographical location is different.  There is no one perfect resolution.  This makes it even more important to read the material provided on this site and see what combination best fits your own situation.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  That's why we publish our personal contact information and do not use call centers.