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RV Holding Tank Odor Problems?

Prevent the problem – Eliminate the Cause 
Don’t just mask the Symptoms with chemical cover-up                    Cleaner tanks – Less tank maintenance – Longer camp stays           Aerobic waste breakdown occurs faster than chemical additives



Eliminate Tank Odors

Want to ELIMINATE RV TANK ODORS from your living space FOREVER without chemicals? Replace your old roof vent cap with the non mechanical 360 Siphon® Fume Extractor. SIMPLE AS THAT!


One of a Kind

We are the ONLY solution of our kind on the planet!

No Moving Parts

We have been designing wind operated venting products for over 18 years. Using natural air movement we can efficiently drive ventilation without the use of fans, enabling internal air exchanges.


Performance is Our Priority

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100+ RV OEM’s use 360 Siphon®

Click the button below to see the 100+ brand name RV’s that now install the 360 Siphon® as an original equipment item on your new RV. If you don’t see your RV listed – maybe it’s time to ask them why not?

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It’s your assurance that the manufacturer installs the 360 Siphon as a standard item! Don’t see it?  Ask your dealer why not…


The 360 Siphon® is the only solution of its kind in the world that can provide an odor free environment, in ANY wind condition, with no moving parts to wear out and is guaranteed to do so every time. Our design and function are protected by several US and Canadian patents and cannot be duplicated using cheaper plastics or compounds. It simply will not work 100% of the time and maintain structural integrity unless the more expensive Polycarbonate blends are used.


The original mission of the 360 Siphon® was to provide an odor free, environmentally friendly, healthier living environment for the RV customer for life. Of course it had to be affordable and easily installed in any setting, whether a factory, service center, or the customer’s driveway. That goal cannot be accomplished if there is any possibility of a downdraft occurring at the rooftop point of exit for holding tank fumes. Current inexpensive vent pipe caps actually cause that downdraft when exposed to any wind, whether the RV is stationary or mobile. The stronger the wind, the bigger the problem. Since moving air is the culprit, and cannot be avoided, we found a way to make wind a “friend” instead of a “foe”.

How Do We Do It?

1. ODOR FREE: By design the 360 Siphon® can only create an updraft (laws of physics), and the possibility of odors and gasses from the holding tanks ent ering the RV living space are totally eliminated.

2. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Waste breakdown will occur 3 to 4 times faster and more completely because of the constant, oxygen rich environment provided by the 360 Siphon®. Caustic Chemicals such as Formaldehyde and perfumed cover ups are no longer necessary. If a customer chooses to continue using chemicals we recommend environmentally friendly microbial and bacterial based additives.

3. HEALTHIER LIVING ENVIRONMENT: If noxious fumes and gasses are no longer allowed to enter the RV living space, a healthier living environment is virtually guaranteed. Our customers with allergies are now truly “Breathing Easier”. BONUS! Curtail or completely eliminate your holding tank “Chemical Dependency.” Click here to see a typical result being reported after taking the “360 Challenge.” Just do what Al did.

4. EASILY INSTALLED: The 360 Siphon® can be refitted to any existing RV usually in less than 20 minutes by anyone who can use a screwdriver and a putty knife (to scrape off any old sealants). It replaces the existing factory installed vent caps. It is a permanent, one time, maintenance free application. In some cases, where the existing base is still in excellent shape, you may not have to remove the complete vent unit.



“I mounted four 360 Siphons on our Dutch Star motor home and traveled 9200 miles this summer. WOW. What a difference they made. I started the trip using chemicals and stopped using them after 5000 miles. No one in the coach noticed the difference. They work.”

Al S.



“It works great. I installed the siphon and went ahead and replaced both inline vents aka “cheater vents” with better AAV vents under both sinks and we have no odors now. I’m a very happy camper now! Thank you!”

Note from 360 Products: Both the gray and black water pipes on Eugene’s RV were routed to one connector pipe leading to the roof top, making his situation that much more challenging.

Eugene M.



“The RV 360 Siphons are awesome! I have a seasonal site and every time I dumped my black tank I had a strong odor in the trailer. After installing them I haven’t had any odor inside the trailer. I’ve dumped the tank 6 time after installation and all with the same results. They work great! Thank You!”

Duane M.

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