Inventors of the Original 360 Siphon™

Our Patented Vent Designs


  • Require No Moving Parts

  • Use Only Outside Air to Provide the Power to Drive Ventilation, Exhaust Heat, and Fumes

  • Eliminate System High Pressure Caused by Unpredictable Winds


Not even mechanical products can support these claims. All existing vent designs fail in various wind directions, especially turbulence, where as the siphons exhaust rate actually increases with turbulence.

Our Product Designs

Drive ventilation, extract heat and fumes, and eliminate system high pressure caused by wind.

Some Examples

If you have an application where exhaust only capability is needed or desired, without relying on a standard power source, Call Now!

360 Tunnel Series

Container Exhaust Vent
Port & Cover

Container Intake Vent

RV / Residential Fume Extraction Vent

What Clients Say


I installed everything last Saturday. I took my first reading yesterday early evening. The outside temperature was 100 and RH was 67. Inside the container the temperature was 108 and the RH was 37. This morning the outside temperature is 74 and the RH is 97. Inside the container the temperature is 77 and the RH is 54. Thank you!

Note from 360 Products: On a 40' container, John used a wall exhaust vent on each of the 2 entry doors and a single back wall intake vent to achieve these results.

John M.

The RV 360 Siphons are awesome! I have a seasonal site and every time I dumped my black tank I had a strong odor in the trailer. After installing them I haven't had any odor inside the trailer. I've dumped the tank 6 time after installation and all with the same results. They work great! Thank You!

Duane M.

It works great. I installed the siphon and went ahead and replaced both inline vents aka "cheater vents" with better AAV vents under both sinks and we have no odors now. I'm a very happy camper now! Thank you!

Note from 360 Products:  Both the gray and black water pipes on Eugene's RV were routed to one connector pipe leading to the roof top, making his situation that much more challenging. 

Eugene M.

I mounted four 360 Siphons on our Dutch Star motor home and traveled 9200 miles this summer. WOW. What a difference they made. I started the trip using chemicals and stopped using them after 5000 miles. No one in the coach noticed the difference. They work.

Al S.

Our Clients