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We provide specifically designed solutions for off-grid/on-grid moisture prevention, fume mitigation, odor control, and heat dissipation for applications such as Shipping Containers, Residential, Commercial, Septic, RV’s and more.

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Our patented system requires no additional power source, fans or moving parts.

All materials, labor, and assembly proudly sourced from North America. 

Featured in Best of Farm Show Magazine

Customer in Texas storing 36,000lbs of grain in bags says “My last handful was as dry as the first after installing your vents.” Moisture content readings never rose over 14.5% with a low of 13.5% during a four year study.

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Conex / Shipping Containers

  • Moisture Control
  • Fume Mitigation
  • Container Rain Prevention
  • Excessive Heat buildup
  • Caustic Chemical Ventilation

Residential & Commercial

  • Odor Control – Fume extraction
  • Home Sewers / Septic
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Attic Ventilation

RV's & Toy Haulers

  • Fume Extraction
  • Methane Mitigation
  • Holding Tank Odors
  • Cargo Trailers
  • & More

Our Multi-Patented
Exhaust Ventilation Systems…


Requires No Moving Parts

Our revolutionary design provides a continuous “Driven” air flow without fans or electricity

Eliminates High Pressure

Wind gusts and turbulence promote even better performance

Easy Installation

Takes only minutes and no tools are required (Shipping containers-after cutting air holes) No follow-up or maintenance required
no energy

Requires No Power

They rely solely on external air movement

No exhaust

Prevents Moisture Formation,Exhausts Fumes and Mitigates Excessive Heat

Applications include Shipping Containers, RV holding tanks and Septic systems



 DRY-CON X® Testimonial

“Good Morning,”

“I ordered the venting system for our football equipment storage container. Within a week of install half of the water drops on the ceiling were gone. 3 days later they were all gone. The musty smell has also disappeared! Thank you so much for a great product at a reasonable price!”

Dan S.

New Jersey


RV Testimonial 

“Bob, A follow up after two weeks since installing:
Works as advertised! (You knew that). Easy installation, arrived as described and NO ODOR at all!!

Thank you for your help and a great product.”

Andrew R.

Host Truck Camper

SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND ANGST- Residential Testimonial 

“The vent covers have been installed for a little over a month now and we’ve had no smell issues all any more, just the occasional tiny puff right near the tanks.

I cannot recommend these enough, so I am shoring the information with you in hopes of helping other people you meet save time, money, and angst.”

Diana S.

Septic Issue - Portland Oregon Area

U.S. NAVY- Shipping Container Vent Testimonial

“I have no problem with you sharing our feedback, especially to fellow Naval personnel. [Y]ou’ll be pleased to hear that my supervisor had a chance to see the finished product after the install I did, and he is very pleased that not only the obvious functionality of the vent (feeling the breeze, he said), but also the aesthetic look the[y] add. We are definitely satisfied with your product and would recommend it to anyone in need of such a thing.”

6 Week Follow-Up

“The vents are doing a fantastic job and seems to be mitigating any form of moisture intrusion inside the Conex. All in all you have much to be proud about with this outstanding product and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone.”

V. Moreno

U.S. Navy

NPSA Member since 2024

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