DRY-CON X ® Testimonials



“Good Morning ,”

” I ordered the venting system for our football equipment storage container. Within a week of install half of the water drops on the ceiling were gone. 3 days later they were all gone. The musty smell has also disappeared! Thank you so much for a great product at a reasonable price !”

~Dan D.

  New Jersey



I just wanted to let you know that the vent system I bought from you back in November 2021 has been working out great in my 20 foot container. I wanted to take it through “all the seasons” here in central Virginia where we have moderate temperatures in the winter and very high humidity in the summer before I sent a review. No condensation or fumes inside whatsoever! Very satisfied.”

~Dave K.

September 2021 – Caustic Fume Mitigation
I am a facilities Coordinator. We own a 40’ Connex trailer and use it for storage. Condensation was developing on the inside ceiling of the unit and it was literally “raining” on all the stored items. The floor was wet and mold was growing on the ceiling. I purchased this venting system (2 intake and 2 exhaust vents) and had them installed 3 weeks ago.

We have been experiencing 90 degree days with high humidity and afternoon thunderstorms for the last 2 weeks and since installing the vents, the inside of the trailer is completely dry. No more condensation or dripping. My installer said that the install was fairly easy. Cutting through the steel and then caulking the vents in place. Communication with Bob from 360 Products was very easy and he was very helpful in helping me determine what to buy and advise me on how to install them. I would highly recommend this company and product.

~Melody A.
Medina OH
Vent installed in August ’21
December 2, 2019
Bob, we FINALLY had a good test of the 360 Container Venting system – the day before was warm and humid – overnight a cold front plunges temp to 28 – before when this type of event happened I saw frozen moisture crystals on the roof and around the sides of the container – this time NO moisture anywhere – YEA Container Rain Problem solved.
~Jim W.
Dallas, TX

Note from Bob @ 360 Products: Jim and I were waiting for Mother Nature to throw us a curveball to see if everyday performance would still hold up in an extreme situation. Jim’s results are typical of what we here from others who are amazed by the difference in performance of our Tunnel Series “true exhaust” circulation system over their old venting methods.
June 21, 2019
I can’t explain what a difference your product has made for my container. On a day like yesterday with high heat and humidity the inside of that container would normally be unbearable. Thousands of pounds of feed, a sealed container, high heat and humidity created toxic fumes that were overwhelming. Your venting system has corrected these issues and now my container is comfortable to enter even on these extreme days.
Thank you for a great product!
~John H, Texas

Click Here for the Article on John’s Year-long Ongoing Field Testing.

Note from 360 Products: John has reported to us that he has zero grain loss now since installing the vent system over 1 year ago. This was beyond even our expectations in a situation this complex.
May 31, 2019 – UPDATE 2 WEEKS LATER!
Those vents have now been on the container for almost 2 weeks through record rainfall. The container is drier than it has ever been and the gear stored inside is beginning to not smell musty. I’m shocked at how well this has worked!
May 15, 2019
Yesterday when I started (installing the container vents) over half the container had “container rain.” Today the container ceiling is completely dry and the floor is much drier. And it rained overnight!
~Michael L, Oklahoma City
The vents are doing a fantastic job and seems to be mitigating any form of moisture intrusion inside the Conex. All in all you have much to be proud about with this outstanding product and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone.

I have no problem with you sharing our feedback, especially to fellow Naval personnel. [Y]ou’ll be pleased to hear that my supervisor had a chance to see the finished product after the install I did, and he is very pleased that not only the obvious functionality of the vent (feeling the breeze, he said), but also the aesthetic look the[y] add. We are definitely satisfied with your product and would recommend it to anyone in need of such a thing.
~V. Moreno, US Navy
I installed everything last Saturday. I took my first reading yesterday early evening. The outside temperature was 100 and RH was 67. Inside the container the temperature was 108 and the RH was 37. This morning the outside temperature is 74 and the RH is 97. Inside the container the temperature is 77 and the RH is 54.
Thank you!
~John M., Texas

Note from 360 Products: On a 40′ container, John used a wall exhaust vent on each of the 2 entry doors and a single back wall intake vent to achieve these results.

RV 360 Vent Cap Testimonials

I’m 60 years old and living a life-long dream of living full time in an RV. Even though I really enjoy this lifestyle, I realized it was causing me a serious health problem.

On windy days, or when I towed the trailer, air was being forced down my stack pipes, increasing the pressure in my holding tanks and causing sewer gas, known as Hydrogen Sulfide, to enter my RV. This chemical odor is always unpleasant, but in higher concentrations can not only make you sick, but can actually kill you.

I experienced extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, disorientation, nausea, sweating, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. I literally felt like I was dying.
After this happened several times, I searched the Internet to learn all I could about this problem. I was surprised to learn that both the Black and Grey water holding tanks create sewer gas that must be properly vented.

I then researched all the Stack Pipe Vent Caps on the market. I read all the websites and even went to the RV stores and inspected all the available caps.

Nearly all of them used moving parts that would accumulate dust and dirt and, through friction and wear, would eventually stop working or break.

The vent cap design from 360 PRODUCTS made the most sense to me, and with no moving parts I knew they would never need service or replacement.

From the moment I installed them I’ve never had another problem with odor. Great product, I couldn’t be more satisfied. They’re a real life saver.

NOTE, the sewer gas coming out of the stack pipe is heavier than air and, depending on wind direction, can re-enter the RV through an open roof vent. If this happens, just close the roof vent and use the windows for ventilation.
~John M.

RV 360 Siphon® Vent Testimonials

I purchased an RV360 in Yuma, Arizona. That was the best money I have ever spent. We had absolutely no odors in the coach while traveling. That was a first . . . Also, we noticed right off that there were no odors in the coach when we dumped the tanks. . . This is a great product and I am telling everyone about it.
~Everet K
“Bob, A follow up after two weeks since installing:
Works as advertised! (You knew that)
Easy installation, arrived as described and NO ODOR at all!!
Thank you for your help and a great product.”
~Andrew R.
Host Truck Camper
June 13, 2019
I bought a 2018 Forest River Sunseeker RV last year and have loved the new upgrades, to include your 360 Siphon. It is unbelievable that we don’t need chemicals and that we have never had any odor in the RV. You guys have a great product. We have owned RV’s for almost 30 years and your vent is a game changer. I would guess the only people who dislike it are the toilet chemical and air freshener companies!
~George VanOrden., Virginia
May 17, 2019
Basically, with the original vent cap we would get sewer odors inside our RV, even though we emptied the black and grey water tanks often. We even used the odor reducing chemical treatment with at least a gallon of water after each dumping of the tanks. I thought that the odor was just another irritating factor of owning an RV. It has now been nearly two years since we installed the 360 vent and I have to say that the results have been much better than I expected. There have been no more sewer smells. Thank you for making such an improved sewer vent cap. It is much appreciated.
Thank you!
~Bobby K., Louisiana
It works great. I installed the siphon and went ahead and replaced both inline vents aka “cheater vents” with better AAV vents under both sinks and we have no odors now. I’m a very happy camper now!
Thank you!
~Eugene M., Texas

Note from 360 Products: Both the gray and black water pipes on Eugene’s RV were routed to one connector pipe leading to the roof top, making his situation that much more challenging.
I own a classic 1976 Apollo motorhome that I use all the time. Although I keep it in good condition, I was having problems with holding tank odors inside the living area. Then one day a customer pulled into the parking lot of my upholstery business and on his van it said, “Ask Me About My Odor Free RV”. So I did, and he showed me the 360 Siphon vent cap. Well, me being a skeptic, I thought I would try one on the black water tank just to be sure it really worked. The next morning, I climbed up on the top of my RV and removed the old vent cap. At this point I was surprised that I didn’t smell anything, being right over the vent. Next, I set the 360 Siphon over the vent pipe to measure how much to cut off and almost immediately smelled the tank odor. Even before I finished the job, I was sold on the fact that this product really works. I bought a second one for the grey water tank, and I now my RV smells just fine. Thanks for a great product.
~Robert Zoulek
High Country Upholstery
Pason, Arizona
I have installed the 360 Siphon. I have filled and drained the black tank once and the Siphon works as advertised. I did not notice any more odors coming from the Black tank when the toilet was flushed. Thanks for a fine product.
~Hans G.
Bob, just wanted to Thank you again or your assistance with my vent. I’ve installed it and gone on a junket with the coach and had great and expected results. I remain a loyal and refering user of your product.
~Terry M.
I mounted 4 360 Siphons on our Dutch Star motor home and traveled 9200 miles this summer. WOW. What a difference they made. I started the trip using chemicals and stopped using them after 5000 miles. No one in the coach noticed the difference. They work.
~Al S.
Felton, PA
The RV 360 Siphons are awesome! I have a seasonal site and every time I dumped my black tank I had a strong odor in the trailer. After installing them I haven’t had any odor inside the trailer. I’ve dumped the tank 6 time after installation and all with the same results. They work great!
Thank You,
~Duane M.
BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. The RV in the “RV-360” stands for real value! Finally an end to those funky ODORS. Thanks for a great product.
~Dave and Linda T., Queensbury, NY
We are pretty new to RVing and the unpleasant odor condition was a real surprise the first time we experienced it. It would come and go unrepentantly while parked, and was a constant annoyance out on the road. Opening the window to vent the coach made it even worse.

I read about the RV 360 in the good Sam Magazine and I could immediately relate to the problem. In fact, every time we went anywhere in our new coach, I was trying to invent solutions in my head. Your product was new and a little pricey, but I had no choice but to try one.
We are very pleased. We drove home from camping in high winds Sunday, perfect conditions for the embarrassing fume situation, and there was nothing. In fact, it was windy the whole time we traveled and camped and we never had the slightest whiff. To me, this like the ceiling vent covers, hoses, electrical adapters, furnace exhaust screen etc., which few coaches come with, and must be purchased and installed at the dealer. We thought it almost comical that a new diesel motor home would be missing so many essential components which need to be purchased separately. I now consider your product one of those essentials.
~Richard M., Frederick OK

Septic Tank 360 Vent Cap Testimonials

May 10, 2019
Tried this to avoid tearing out a wall to repair a probable cracked vent stack in my house. No sewer septic gas smell outside anymore! Also tried on my mom’s house too, which has random wind patterns that affected updraft, causing odor in the house. Instantly solved. She is a stickler for design and has not even noticed they are there. Awesome product!
~Diana S., Oregon

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