16 Month Moisture Control Field Test

The following text represents one of our last two final emails regarding field testing done by John W., a customer living in Illinois. We have copied the emails exactly as written and received and have changed no spelling or grammar.

Sent Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 05:44:18 PM CDT

Bob and Ron,

Well, 2020/2021 has been interesting, hasn’t it. I hope your business is doing well.

Attached is a file of data collected for almost 2 years. There are several tabs on the spreadsheet: raw data, details on how the data was recorded, and charts showing comparison of temperature inside the container and outside. As you will see, the difference in temperature is not that great with the temp inside often exceeding the outside temp. The important comparison, however, in my opinion is the difference in relative humidity. With very few exceptions, the humidity inside is significantly lower than outside. This means that condensation cannot happen with that gradient. I have not seen any container condensation in all the time I have used your exhaust vent system and am very happy with how it is working.

I recently purchased another shipping container and donated it to a non-profit organization I belong to. This 501(c)(3) organization was founded in 1995 to purchase and restore historic buildings in our sleepy little town of Ellisville, IL (population 96) which was once a booming mining town with hotels, shops, and an opera house. We have purchased and renovated many of the old buildings and have restored the opera house which is being used to hold concerts, plays, dances, etc. for the surrounding communities. All this is done entirely with volunteer help and donated funds.

The 40′ shipping container was needed as storage for costumes, props, and supplies for the opera house. I was hoping you could help us out with vents for this container so we can help protect the contents from mold, mildew, and moisture.

Feel free to use the data however you see fit. Let me know if you would like me to continue to report my data and if you would like to see it represented in a certain way.

Best regards,

John W.

Sent Thu, Jul 1, 2021 8:49 am
Subject: Re: Temp/RH humidity data 9/21/19–6/4/2021

I just added some charts comparing the dewpoint and temperature readings inside and outside the container. I think this is the most important comparison, since condensation occurs when the temp and dewpoint are equal (saturated) and the temperature drops. As you will see from the added charts, the dewpoint and temperature inside the container were only close to the same a few times in the entire duration of recording, but never equal. Most of the time, the dewpoint was well below the temperature. By comparison, the temperature and dewpoint outside the container were close if not equal much of the time. So, while there was dew on the grass outside, the container stayed dry.

Best regards,

John W.

Moisture Control Field Test Results

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