360 Siphon® RV Vent – White – US Only


Our roof mounted holding tank exhaust vent replaces your old restrictive “debris cover cap,” and allows your holding tank system to inhibit the buildup of noxious and sometimes poisonous gasses such as methane and Hydrogen Sulfide.  The siphon creates a continuous “exhaust” effect to send gasses up your vent pipes and out into the atmosphere as intended.

  • Say goodbye to holding tank odors invading your RV living areas.
  • It operates in ANY wind condition, mobile or stationary using only outside air movement as the power source
  • There are no moving parts to wear out or require maintenance
  • Has a built in bug screen
  • It’s made of high quality Polycarbonate plastics and contains built in UV
  • Inhibitors for durability and long life.
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For questions call or email:

Bob Cravens
Phone: (503) 559-8094 (PST)
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Greg Cravens
Phone: (812) 798-0787 (CST)
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Price: $23.50