VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For customers who purchased vent products before 6/8/2020, please click here for installation instructions. Hole cut outs are a slightly different size than for products purchased after 6/8/2020. Performance and function are not affected.

Wall Exhaust Vent – Container/Storage – U.S.


Are the part of the “Tunnel series” air exchange system that works as the “driver” to create daily multiple air exchanges that draw heat and moisture from the container cavity.


  • Operate as an exhaust port only in any wind condition, stationary or mobile
  • Require no moving parts to wear out or require maintenance
  • Are screened for debris and pest control
  • Have flexible construction to maintain operational integrity and resist from occasional contact
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  • Installs directly onto a containers doors without an adapter plate.
  • Will need a side or back wall adapter plate to fit anywhere else on the container.
  • Must have an air intake to allow it to perform to specifications; 1 intake is required  for every 2 exhaust vents.


  • The adapter plates are ONLY Required if mounting EXHAUST VENTS on a Back or Side Wall.
  • No plate is required to mount Exhaust vents on the smooth surface of front doors.
  • The Back Wall and Side Wall adapter plates are different. Be certain you are ordering the correct plate.
  • INTAKE VENTS require NO Additional Adapter Plate of any kind and are designed for a snug fit.

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