Recently I came across the following video on the Internet that so impressed me that I’ve decided to post it here for my readers to view. Two guys known as the RVgeeks that operate a successful business while traveling in a Motorhome created this video. They are “retired” computer and marketing professionals that design websites, primarily for RV Parks, all around the country. And because they actually live the RV lifestyle, they also produce You-Tube videos describing Problems, Solutions and Products that they’ve had direct experiences with.

The following video about the 360 Siphon was Unsolicited, Unpaid and Unknown to us until just recently. It may seem extreme, but it’s consistent with the results experienced by myself and many others who use this device. So sit back and enjoy this entertaining and informative video concerning a subject that affects us all.

I highly recommend you visit these guys at and subscribe to their blog, I know you won’t be disappointed.