Product Guarantee and Warranty Information

All Products manufactured and sold by 360 Products North America Inc are warranted and guaranteed to be able to perform their specific functions as described on our web site and to have no manufacturing defects that would prevent them from performing that intended task.

If you receive a damaged product please contact us immediately at any contact point provided. We will replace the product at no cost to the customer (including freight) if it is determined the product was delivered defective.

We may on some occasions ask for pictures or other proof of defects to be provided by the customer or a mutually agreed on third party and may ask that the defective product be returned prior to shipment of replacement parts.


Condensation and moisture control product customers (Tunnel series container vents) Note:

We have made every effort to give our customers the best possible information and technology available to limit moisture and heat buildup in their shipping containers (conex) being repurposed as personal storage containers.

Our multi patented products are powered only by outside air movement and will not perform to their potential if no wind is present. Customer attention to detailed information provided is required and we will not be held responsible for loss of contents under any circumstances.

We invite all potential customers to contact us by phone, text, or email before purchasing if anything is unclear or if they have any questions or concerns about anything contained on this web site.