Our products are warranted against manufacturing defects and a replacement unit will be sent by UPS or USPS free of charge to our customers if deemed unusable and unable to perform their stated function of creating a 100% exhaust situation in any wind condition when attached properly to vent pipes. We may ask for pictures, or on rare occasion ask for a product to be returned at our expense. Our products are made to be easily installed by most RV owners and payment for re-installation by a qualified technician will remain our option and decided on a case by case situation.

RV Customers Note: If you have installed your Siphon and still have an issue please do not hesitate to call us. There are many RV technicians that use our Siphon's 100% draw design as the initial diagnostic tool to help discover other system failures like seals, pipe deterioration, pipe blockage and loose fittings that may contribute to fumes invading your living space.