Condensation & Moisture Control

Introducing the 360 Wall Exhaust and Intake Vents!

The first wave of the Tunnel series vents by 360 products.

360 products “Tunnel series vents” are a first in venting technology! Each design offers what none of the other competitors can:

  • An industry leading low pressure design which produces a powerful and consistent draw.
  • A design that makes high pressure blow back impossible. 
  • A Non-mechanical and durable product that can be relied upon without failing.
  • A unique unidirectional wall mounted design that draws regardless of wind direction, speed and turbulence.
  • Has the potential to set a new safety standard in management of hazardous vapours in contained environments.

Other mechanical designs on the market are limited in applications due to mounting restrictions. Powered substitutions are not only more expensive and less reliable, but also perform poorly when faced with strong winds.

The 360 Products Tunnel Series Vents offer the basis for endless industrial and private applications.

Steps to Determine Your Shipping Container Ventilation Needs:

  1. Read the Documents & Review the Diagram below: Eight Steps to Keep Your Shipping Container Dry- Without Power; Determining Vent Quantity; & Vent Location Diagram.

  2. Choose the configuration using the table in Determining Vent Quantity, that best fits your individual situation.

  3. Review the 360 Wall Exhaust/Intake Vent Manual if you want more information.

  4. If you have questions, call 360 Products between 8am and 9pm, Mon-Fri.

    Technical Inquiries:

    Ron Parry - 604-715-6072 PST

    Email: Ron Parry

    Other Inquiries:

    Bob Cravens, 360 Products North America - 503-559-8094 PST

    Email: Bob Cravens

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Yes Sir!  The (Container Storage) Vents are just what the Dr. ordered!

I installed everything last Saturday. I took my first reading yesterday early evening. The outside temperature was 100 and RH was 67. Inside the container the temperature was 108 and the RH was 37. This morning the outside temperature is 74 and the RH is 97. Inside the container the temperature is 77 and the RH is 54.

Thank you!

John M, Texas

Note from 360 Products: On a 40' container, John used a wall exhaust vent on each of the 2 entry doors and a single back wall intake vent to achieve these results.