360 Products Inc.

The air flow experts!

RV HOLDING TANK ODOR PROBLEMS? Eliminate the "Cause" and don't just continue to treat the "Symptoms". At 360 products Inc, we design and manufacture wind operated venting devices for recreational vehicles, residential and commercial applications.

Moving air is all around us. It’s a free resource that can be used as an extremely efficient tool. Most stacks, vents and chimneys are used to exhaust air or gasses from a source and out to the open atmosphere. Wind turbulence at the exit point can easily cause downdrafts that cause those noxious gasses and odors to back up and create a high pressure system at the source. Our devices are designed to eliminate the possibility of that high pressure situation occurring by creating a one way constant “draw” up the vent pipe and allow the gasses to escape as originally intended. Quite simply, it makes the wind your “friend” instead of your “enemy”.

Our new line of products are non-mechanical and with our patented designs we can achieve operating specifications equaling that of rotating vents and turbines.

RV Manufacturers now installing the 360 Siphon as standard equipment.

Forest River Charleston
Forest River Sunseeker
Forest River Forester
Foretravel Motorcoach
Berkshire Motorhomes
Airstream Interstate 3500 Series Motorcoach
Airstream Towables
Born Free Class C RV's
Show Hauler
Newell Coach
Pioneer Coach
Haulmark Motor Coach
Midwest Automotive Designs
Vanleigh RV
Entegra Coach
Forks RV Continental Fifth Wheels
Luxe - Augusta RV
Ambition - Augusta RV

Models using the 360 Siphon

  • Designer
  • North Point
  • Pinnacle
  • Octane
  • Octane Super Lite
  • Seismic
  • Seismic Wave
  • Eagle
  • Eagle HT

Mobile Restroom Trailer Manufacturers now installing the 360 Siphon as standard equipment.

Comforts of Home
Forest River Mobile Restrooms
JAG Mobile Solutions
Satellite Suites

Custom Conversion Manufacturers now installing the 360 Siphon as standard equipment.

Pioneer Coach

These RV manufacturerers could buy a .99 cent vent cap instead of installing the “360 Siphon”. They know the benefits and are looking out for your health and welfare. Kudos to these leaders of the Industry.
You can’t get any greener for both, the RV’er or the dumping stations.

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