360 Siphon Stack Mount WHITE | Fits 3" Pipes | US and Canada

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Update 4/24/2020
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360 Siphon Stack Mount WHITE | Fits 3" Pipes | US and Canada

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360 Siphon Stack Mount Vent Caps

What makes our vents different than all the others?  Our products make the wind your new “friend” and not the “turbulent enemy” it used to be.

It operates as an exhaust only vent In ANY wind condition regardless of direction or velocity.  It is most commonly used in septic system venting or applications where a low pressure condition is desired.

  • Takes only seconds to install
  • Requires no adhesives or sealants and can be removed for pipe inspection
  • Has a built in bug and debris screen
  • Made of high quality Polycarbonate composite plastics with built in UV
  • Inhibitors and thick PVC or ABS bases for extra durability
  • Requires only outside air movement as a power source
  • Has no moving parts to wear out or require maintenance

Note:  A 2” pipe requires 2 small, self-drilling set screws which we provide. The base of the unit is pre-drilled by 360 Products.

SKU: 360siphon-stackmount-white-3-inch. Catalog: Fume & Odor Extraction, Industrial, Residential

360 Siphon Stack Mount WHITE U.S. & Canada

Fits 3" Pipes

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Price: $29.00

SizeFits 3" Pipes