Shipping Container Moisture Control

Eight Steps to Dry Shipping Container – Without Power

Contributing Variables and Remedies for Eliminating Condensation

The following is prioritized by the biggest bang for the buck. Please note; every location and climate zone will be a little different.  In the hot humid locations it can be pretty tough controlling condensation without power.   

Intro to RV Geeks Video

Recently I came across the following video on the Internet that so impressed me that I’ve decided to post it here for my readers to view. It was created by two guys known as the RVgeeks that operate a successful business while traveling in a Motorhome. They are “retired” computer and marketing professionals that design websites, primarily for RV Parks, all around the country.

The Engineer behind 360 Vent Technology

The Engineer behind 360 Vent Technology

We’ve received many requests from RVers as to how the 360 Siphon came to be invented.  So in response, we asked Ron Parry, engineer and inventor, to tell us the story of how he came to create a device that is having a positive impact on the lives of potentially millions of RV owners worldwide.