Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction with the 360 Siphon Breather Stack Mount

The 360 “Stack Mount”

The 360 “Stack Mount” is essentially the same as our RV model.  It can be mounted on the standard plumbing pipes listed below under “Stack Mount Installation”. 

It has 3 functions: 

  • Eliminate back pressure (high pressure) caused by wind
  • Instill a low pressure or draw in the system
  • Protect the stacks from debris pests (built in bug screen) and excessive water

Breather Stack Wind Protection

It only takes slight down drafts of 11 degrees to blow down into an open stack.  The back-pressure created often blows sewer fumes into the living space.  Wind gusts and sudden directional shifts will cause continued high and low pressure in the system.  These extreme changes can eventually dry out water traps.  In a windy area or a system with slightly compromised plumbing, the 360 Stack mounted Siphon will tame the turbulent wind and eliminate back-pressure and instill a low pressure (vacuum) within the system.

Stack Mount Installation

  • Fits directly onto a 1.5” or 2” plumbing stack.
  • For 3” pipes use the included color or obtain a 3” to 2” stepper adapter.
  • Install on any angle.  Most adhesives will suffice for anchoring to the pipe, due to the minimum wind loads of the Siphon's aerodynamic shape.
  • Besides managing wind, it will keep the system clear of debris, pests (built in bug screen) and excessive water intrusion.



Fume Extraction


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