Fume Extraction

Coming Friday, February 23rd

The Stack Mount Uses original '360 Siphon®' patented technology and does the following:

  • Eliminates back pressure by instilling a low pressure draw from the tank to the exhaust port of the siphon cap. Outside wind variations simply no longer matter and the rougher the condition, the better the draw.
  • Protects the stack pipe from debris, pests (built in bug screen), and excessive water entry.
  • Provides superior oxygenation to stop the buildup of Hydrogen Sulfide (the rotten egg smell).

Wind Direction and Speed - The Culprit of Odor-Causing Tank Emissions:

It only takes slight down drafts of 11 degrees to blow down into an open stack.  Sudden wind gusts and directional shifts will cause continued high and low pressure in the system. Too many extreme changes can eventually dry out water traps.  In a windy area or in a system with slightly compromised plumbing, the 360 will tame the turbulent wind, eliminate the culprit of back pressure, and instill a low pressure (vacuum) within the system.

Stack Mount Installation:

Installation is designed to be simple and easily accomplished by anyone.  It normally requires less than a minute, and pipe sizes exceeding 2" use no screws or glues to keep in place.  They are easily removed to check pipes or install activated charcoal (if desired) (Note: 2" OD ABS black and 2" white PVC pipe requires only two self-drilling retainer screws which we provide).

Pipe Sizes:

  • 2" Pipe - Simply place the cap on the end of the 2" pipe, and install the 2 self-drilling screws provided in the pre-drilled holes. Do not over tighten.
  • 3 & 4" Pipe - Mounts directly onto pipe with no screws or glue required for a snug fit
  • That's it!


Fume Extraction


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